Welcome to my new site - VoIP Security

The main idea is to carry on from my old site (Telecom Pages) and offer help and advice, where possible, to anyone involved in the telecom trade, particularly the ones involved with Mitel equipment.

However, in view of the recent increase in people hacking into Business Telephone Systems and Voicemail / IVR systems I have decided to bias this site toward security issues and vulnerability analysis, hence the name change to VoIP Security.

At the moment all the work on this site is my own but if anyone feels that they would like to contribute just drop me a line.

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Mitel 3300 Log File Output

Mitel 3300 Log File Output

The following table contains a list of Log Files available from a Mitel 3300 ICP and the Ports that they are available on; FUNCTION SOCKET NUMBER     Software Logs TCP 1750 Maintenance...

Embedded PRI Module Fails to Initialize

Symptoms The LEDs on the embedded PRI (Framer) module are off. The trunks for the module are unassigned. Probable Cause The embedded PRI (Framer) module has failed to initialize because the link descriptor...

How To get back to the default system gr…

How To get back to the default system greetings

If the Primary set greeting has been overwritten, and a backup is not available prior to the changes, the alternatives are, to either rebuild the system, or use the following...

Checking the Mitel 3300 System

Checking the Mitel 3300 System

To check the Mitel 3300 system: Click Maintenance Commands. Enter the following commands:  SH ST AL Checks for system alarms. There should be no alarms.  DBMS STAT - Checks the status of the initialized...

Ports used by YA

Ports used by YA

The following table contains a list of ports and their functions which are used by...

Mitel 6100 Contact Centre Server Mainten…

Mitel 6100 Contact Centre Server Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your server Maintaining your server in its optimum condition is critical for all of Mitel's real time applications. When mysterious problems arise they can frequently be traced to poor server...

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