Welcome to my new site - VoIP Security

The main idea is to carry on from my old site (Telecom Pages) and offer help and advice, where possible, to anyone involved in the telecom trade, particularly the ones involved with Mitel equipment.

However, in view of the recent increase in people hacking into Business Telephone Systems and Voicemail / IVR systems I have decided to bias this site toward security issues and vulnerability analysis, hence the name change to VoIP Security.

At the moment all the work on this site is my own but if anyone feels that they would like to contribute just drop me a line.

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NuPoint Voicemail Offline Verify

NuPoint Voicemail Offline Verify

Use Putty (or similar) to go to [IP address of Mitel NuPoint Voicemail] Port 22 (SSH) Logon to NuPoint with your user name and password Select - (S) System maintenance Select - (S)...

Record audio between Mitel 3300 IP Hands…

Record audio between Mitel 3300 IP Handsets

Introduction This document is to provide an engineer with clear instructions on how to; 1/.        Use Wireshark to capture data streams between Mitel 3300 handsets on post Release 8.0 Systems 2/.        How to...

Stopping and Restarting Embedded Voicema…

Stopping and Restarting Embedded Voicemail

You will need to log on to the 3300 either with a serial cable connected to the ‘Maintenance Port’ or via Telnet. In this example we will use Telnet. This...

Configure Nokia E71WiFi SIP Client with …

Configure Nokia E71WiFi SIP Client with the Mitel 3300

3300 Setup Notes The following steps show how to program a 3300 ICP to connect with the Nokia E71 Mobile Phone. Network Requirements ·         There must be adequate bandwidth to...



Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)The STUN protocol is currently has been rewritten with RFC 5389.Changes to STUN ProtocolOriginally, STUN (RFC 3489) was developed as a standalone solution for NAT...

The 5-in-1 Network Cable

The 5-in-1 Network Cable

ethernet / crossover / modem / null modem / Cisco console There is nothing worse than showing up for an on-site visit without the correct cable you need for a...

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