Welcome to my new site - VoIP Security

The main idea is to carry on from my old site (Telecom Pages) and offer help and advice, where possible, to anyone involved in the telecom trade, particularly the ones involved with Mitel equipment.

However, in view of the recent increase in people hacking into Business Telephone Systems and Voicemail / IVR systems I have decided to bias this site toward security issues and vulnerability analysis, hence the name change to VoIP Security.

At the moment all the work on this site is my own but if anyone feels that they would like to contribute just drop me a line.

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TCP/UDP Ports Used By Mitel 3300 Control…

TCP/UDP Ports Used By Mitel 3300 Controllers and Handsets

The following table contains a list of the TCP / UDP Ports used by a Mitel 3300 ICP Controller and its handsets when they are communicating FUNCTION SOCKET NUMBER FTP (data) TCP 20 FTP...

How To Capture SIP Traces With Wireshark

How To Capture SIP Traces With Wireshark

Introduction This document is to provide an engineer with clear instructions on how to; 1/.        Use Wireshark to capture SIP trunk call information (The SIP Ladder) 2/.        How to turn the captured data...

Embedded Voicemail Cannot Transfer or Pa…

Embedded Voicemail Cannot Transfer or Page Externally

Symptoms Call transfer or page fails or extension rings only once when calling externally. Probable Causes Supervised Transfer is enabled, and the Transfer Ringback Timeout is too short (the default is 4 seconds). Corrective...

Mixml Sync Fails

Mixml Sync Fails

Mixml Sync Fails - Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'Unique_ReportingNode_tblConfig_Queue Here is the work-around for the sync issues you are seeing. The tool required to view the pbxdata files is included....

Digital Trunk Problems

Digital Trunk Problems

The following problems can occur with digital trunks. Excessive Bit Error Rate Make sure the system is programmed the same as for the...

A Two Minute Explanation Of Phreaking

A Two Minute Explanation Of Phreaking

Phreaking is a term used to describe the activity of people who study, experiment with, or explore the art and science of hacking telephone network security. As Buisness Telephone Systems...

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