Welcome to my new site - VoIP Security

The main idea is to carry on from my old site (Telecom Pages) and offer help and advice, where possible, to anyone involved in the telecom trade, particularly the ones involved with Mitel equipment.

However, in view of the recent increase in people hacking into Business Telephone Systems and Voicemail / IVR systems I have decided to bias this site toward security issues and vulnerability analysis, hence the name change to VoIP Security.

At the moment all the work on this site is my own but if anyone feels that they would like to contribute just drop me a line.

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Basic SIP Call Example

Basic SIP Call Example

REGISTER Registers a user with a Proxy/Register INVITE Session setup request or media negotiation. Used also to hold & retrieve calls. CANCEL Used to cancel an on-going transaction ACK Acknowledgement for an INVITE transaction completion BYE Terminating a session OPTIONS Used...

Free Dynamic DNS Servers

Free Dynamic DNS Servers

Name URL and domain selection Domains Subdomains afraid.org http://freedns.afraid.org/  Domains: *.afraid.org, many others Free (donations encouraged) Free (donations encouraged) changeIP.com http://www.changeip.com/ Domains: *.dumb1.com, *.wikababa.com, *.dynamic-dns.net, etc (100+) $3/mo $6/qr $15/yr Free cjb.net http://www.cjb.net/  Domains: *.cjb.net N/A Free DHIS ...

DNI Telephone - Locked Out

Disconnect the wiring going towards the phone at the internal frame closest to the Peripheral cabinet that houses the DNI card. Connect a known good telephone to the internal frame wiring...

ISDN Primary Rate Flavours

ISDN Primary Rate Flavours

ISDN 30e RJ45 120 Ohm Balanced I.421 DASSII BNC 75 Ohm Unbalanced G.703 Note – Site Dependant – Normally Tx is grounded and Rx is not grounded NTE Light Status Light Status Indication Power Green ON NTE on mains power Power Green OFF No power to...

Create an attendant overflow on a Mitel …

Create an attendant overflow on a Mitel 3300 ICP

Problem: you want callers to a console LDN key to hear a RAD and then MOH until attendant answers. Qualifiers: caller must be calling a console LDN key  ...

Network Access Codes

Access Codes 10xx   100 Operator Services   11xx   112 Emergency Services [European standard access 118 xx New directory enquiries range e.g. 118xy = a Comms company's directory enq service   12xx   120 NTL Cambridge Ltd Customer Services 1200 Jersey Telecoms 1200 Vodafone Freephone 1201 Vodafone 1202 Vodafone 1203 Vodafone 121 Guernsey Telecoms Voicemail / Telewest...

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